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Mourinho United

The appointment of Jose Mourinho as manager of Manchester United is surreal.  Mourinho and Chelsea were/are so symbiotic that it is hard to imagine him at Manchester United or any other British football club. After his first Chelsea sacking it seemed fated he would return to Stamford Bridge one day and he did, only to be sacked again with the team perched precariously just above the relegation zone – unchartered territory for everybody. His second sacking seemed as shocking as it was inevitable.  This was a love affair fatale – destined to end in tragedy, as is the fate of most football managers sooner or later.

Manchester United is as big as it gets in British football and I don’t blame any manager for taking their once in a lifetime opportunity to manage it.  One thing is certain, the future, however short or long, will not be boring.  Mourinho knows only one way and that is a winning way so he will either succeed spectacularly or fail spectacularly. I wish him and Man U well.

I became a Chelsea supporter because of Mourinho. I loved and still love his winning spirit and his dedication do what winning demands – strategy, focus and hard work, et al! Now he’s gone, not abroad, but within The Premier League.  What am I to do? I will continue to support Chelsea and love the Mourinho way from afar.

What a prospect though for the 2016/17 season with classy foreign managers all over the top third of the Premier League. May the best man win, especially if that man is Antonio Conte and men in blue at Stamford Bridge! What a ting eee 

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