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‘NO’ to censorship of the Press

Usually I am content to be neutral about most things in the news, including the Trump presidency.  And I am not sure why I feel so troubled, disturbed by this one incident of some news organisations being barred by the white house press secretary from a briefing. After all, lots have been said about the press recently, but one expects the space between any political administration and a free press to be a contested zone, sometimes hotly contested.  But this action has crossed a line!

The White House and the US government administration are not an extension of the Trump empire or of anyone else’s.  And in a democracy, as Steve Biko said, I write what I like.

A Free Press is a key pillar of free, open and democratic societies and cannot afford to allow itself to be divided or cowed by any individual, group, political or other administration, for any reason, to do their bidding.  This act by the Trump administration was shameful and must be resisted.  The Press must stand together! And citizens of the Free World must say ‘No’ to Press censorship and  ‘YES’ to a Free Press.

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