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Pentecostals seem to borrow much from US tele-evangelists

Apparently I wrote this while on Sabbatical in Jamaica recently…

“Pentecostals seem to borrow much from US tele-evangelists; spirited, more in touch with people’s life challenges, but greatly given to calling things into being, heavily reliant on the miraculous, the phenomenological, with little or no hint that hard work may be needed for conditions to improve, or medical help may be necessary for healing.

I think Pentecostals need to become a little more honest about how much effort is generally required to change things – miracles are called miracles because they are rare – and that conditions don’t often change by stomping feet or shouting hallelujah ten times. Add a work ethic to the spirit ethic.” (Dr. Aldred, Sabbatical Reflections)

Full report coming soon…

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